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Are you among the millions of people in the world who is not happy with their smile or missing a tooth?  Losing teeth is extremely common for adults over the age of 30 and is mostly due to poor hygiene or accidents.  Throughout history if someone who lost a tooth the only thing you could do was either get dentures or a dental bridge.  Today things are different because with recent updates over the past 25 years of dental medicine dental implants have offered a low-maintenance cure to a healthy smile.

Unlike other procedures, implants are fortified by the bones of the jaw instead of just attaching to the soft gums or surrounding teeth.  Once implant insertions are set into the bone, it acts as a physical root for the old lost tooth.  The joy of dental implants can be restored with natural teeth look-a-like porcelain teeth.  All teeth can be restored using the power of implanting a porcelain crown.  Simply typing dental implants near me you can find the best cosmetic dentist that specializes in Dental implants in your area.

A dental implant is an oral surgical procedure which interfaces with the bones of the jaw to support a prosthetic tooth such as a bridge, crown, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor.  The basic model for today’s dental implants is through a biological process called Osseointegration.  This process takes materials like titanium to form an intimate bond to the jaw bone.  The implant is placed with the intent to repair the smile of the patient whether they have lost teeth in an accident or poor health.

Here are a few of the benefits of using

  • Access to the best cosmetic dentists in your area
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Better Dental Health
  • Stress-free Eating and Speaking

The best part, implants are very similar to actual teeth, for they can be brushed and flossed.  Unlike bridges and dentures which usually have to be taken out in order to be cleaned.

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